Classic Looped Trifold


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Brooksies Cloth Nappies have been designed with quality, simplicity and functionality as the primary goal. As a result, nappy changes are simple, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. Our Looped Cloth Nappies have been thoughtfully designed and made right here in New Zealand and ethically created, featuring custom elements and contemporary prints and colours.

Our Trifolds have been designed to make cloth diapering a breeze. They were also specifically designed with New Zealand weather in mind. Our diapers are easy to wash and fast to dry.

To use, simply fold in three. These nappies can be used in pad fold, laid into a waterproof cover, pocket nappy, or any other waterproof diaper you have in your stash and you are good to go! You can also add these to a prefold or preflat nappy for extra absorbency!


This nappy is sold WITHOUT a waterproof cover. These nappies have been cut larger, to allow for 2cm shrinkage after the preparing of your nappies is complete.