Cotton Squares (Set of 8)


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Reusable Cotton Squares. Made into squares to minimise fabric wastage and to give you more coverage. These reusable cotton wipes are much more eco-friendly than the normal disposable makeup wipes. 

Cotton Squares are great for makeup removal, toner application, cleansers and scrubs. Reusable and environmentally friendly, keeping throw-away cotton balls out of landfill.


These reusable 100% cotton squares measure 8cm x 8cm and are made with 1 layer of terry cloth and 1 layer of cotton. This allows you to choose whether you want a rougher texture for removing foundation and exfoliating or something smooth for applying toner. 

The cotton is super soft and gentle on delicate skin. These wipes are also great for use with sensitive skin as there are no nasty chemicals at all!