Nursing Pads (3 Pairs)


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6 x breast pads (3 pairs)



A little something special for our Mamas!

Quality reusable breast pads: wear, wash & wear again.

Our nursing pads are made with 100% cotton. It consists of several absorbent layers.


They are not bulky & sit nicely in your bra. Their round shape allows them to be perfect for all shapes and sizes (from A to E and beyond) They mould to you with wear. They get better with age as the absorbency increases with each wash - place in a delicates bag, cold machine wash & line dry (do not tumble dry).


Sold in packs of three pair so you have one pair to wear, one pair spare while one pair is in the wash.


Please note:

If you are currently soaking through multiple pairs of disposable breast pads in a day, you will still need to change out your reusable pads. When they are full, simply swap them out for a fresh pair.