Newborn Stretch Preflat Nappy


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Brooksies Cloth Nappies have been designed with quality, simplicity and functionality as the primary goal. As a result, nappy changes are simple, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly. 

When you bring your brand new baby home, you want to wrap them in softness that can only match their skin. Our Stretch Newborn Collection is perfect for little bottoms and tiny bodies. Their trim fit means you can start using cloth right away, without the extra bulk that usually comes with cloth nappies and fresh babies.

Newborns wee and poo a lot! It may feel like you are constantly changing nappies.. Well.. That’s probably because you are. The Newborn Collection has been designed to make cloth nappies a breeze. Our nappies are easy to wash and fast to dry.

To use, simply fold down the rise to your desired length, trifold and it’s ready to go. Trim on even the tiniest of babes. Works best when secured on with a Snappi or Diaper Pins. Gentle four way stretch will ensure the mess stays inside. Our Cloth Nappies are suitable for weight ranges between around 2-6kg. Then add a Nappy Cover over the top and you are good to go!

Please read the washing and prep recommendations for these nappies here.  

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These nappies are sold WITHOUT a waterproof cover. These nappies have been cut larger, to allow for 2cm shrinkage after the preparing of your nappies is complete.