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Wanting to try a few brands, but not sure where to start?

Enter our value trial pack! 3 nappies for $85! Choose 2 nappies from our range and you'll also receive a MYSTERY NAPPY! Perfect for when you’re not sure which brands or styles are right for you.

Nappies available with this offer:

  • Sloomb sustainablebabyish fitted OSFM
  • Peakaboo AIO (all in one - includes matching Wetbag) 
  • BabyBare Barecub AI2 (All in two) 
  • Bubblebubs Candies (All in two) 
  • Bubakin AI2 (all in two)
  • BabyBare Honeypot fitted OSFM
  • Brooksies OSFM Preflat  

Have a look around our site and read up about all the nappies we have in stock (and make a note of your favourite prints 😉) then please let us know in the checkout comments which prints you would like!


*photo is for illustrative purposes only, you can choose your own colours & styles that are not shown here.