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Prepping nappies & cloth pads + some nappy helpful hints!


Creating a wash routine that works for you and your family is one of the beautiful things about cloth diapering. However, when first coming into the world of cloth, it can be just one more overwhelming thing for you to figure out. Which is why we decided to share our simple cloth diapering routine with you. Just remember, as you become more familiar with cloth diapering and what works for you, feel free to change things up to suit your needs. Just make sure you are getting your diapers properly clean.

A few quick things to note:

  • NEVER EVER EVER use fabric softener
  • Use the recommended amount of detergent. You are dealing with heavily soiled items.
  • Night nappies should be hand rinsed in HOT water, straight off the bum and then thrown into a rinse cycle to ensure there is no ammonia build up. Alternatively, it could be machine washed on 60°C (NOT WITH YOUR COVERS OR ELASTICATED DIAPERS)
  • Your machine should always be ¾ full. No more. No less. If you need to ‘bulk’ it up, add some towels or smaller clothing items.

Brooksies Wash Routine:

  1. Dry pail all diapers used that day, as outlined under our ‘Storing Dirty Diapers’ tab.
  2. At the end of the day, prewash all the diapers in your dry pail. Ensure your machine is ¾ full. We recommend a 30-40°C cycle, running for at least 1-1.5 hours, and spinning at 800-1200RPM (RPM is spin speed.) If you are cloth diapering full-time, we recommend running your rinse cycle the next morning, once you have completed the HOT hand rinse of your night nappy. This is to ensure there is no ammonia build up.
  3. Once your prewash is completed, store your wet nappies in your ‘Prewashed Pail’
  4. Repeat steps 1-2 until you have enough nappies to fill your machine 3/4.
  5. Once your machine is finished washing, remove any items you needed to bulk your machine up with and add the diapers you rinsed the day before.  Ensure your machine is ¾ full and then start your main wash. We recommend a 40-60°C cycle, running for at least 1.5 hours, and spinning at 800-1200RPM. DO NOT WASH COVERS OR DIAPERS WITH ELASTICS AT 60°C
  6. Line drying is best but when not possible, tumble dry on low. Tumble drying will reduce the life of the diaper. DO NOT tumble dry covers.



Before using your Cloth Pads it is very important that you prepare the properly! Not doing so will result in leakage.

  1. Soak your Cloth Pads in cold water for at least 12 hours (This allows it to reach maximum absorption)
  2. Run your Cloth Pads through at least one cold wash cycle 2-3 washes before first use would be even better (This is because the more you wash your pads the more absorbent they become)

It is really important that you follow the washing instructions and ensure that your pads are 100% dry before storing them.

  1. Rinse using cold water as soon as possible to remove any discharge. (Rinsing in the shower at the end of the day is a quick and easy way to do this) - You can chuck them on the floor while you shower and stomp on them under the water.
  2. Once rinsed, store in Wet Bag for a maximum of 2 days (or wash immediately when possible)
  3. Run through a rinse cycle in the washing machine
  4. Hand wash or Machine wash in cold water.
  5. Dry in the sun where possible, as it is a natural antibacterial. *When needed tumble dry on low-- however, doing so is very hard on your pads and is likely to shorten their lifespan*