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Cloth Menstrual Pads


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Before using your Cloth Pads it is very important that you prepare the properly! Not doing so will result in leakage.

  1. Soak your Cloth Pads in cold water for at least 12 hours (This allows it to reach maximum absorption)
  2. Run your Cloth Pads through at least one cold wash cycle 2-3 washes before first use would be even better (This is because the more you wash your pads the more absorbent they become)

 It is really important that you follow the washing instructions and ensure that your pads are 100% dry before storing them.

Approximate absorption: 

Light Lily Pad: 30-45ml
Medium Lily Pad: 50-70ml
Heavy Lily Pad: 55-90ml

Buying cloth pads is definitely an investment. The upfront cost is undeniably more than disposables. But the long-term savings, the increased comfort and the difference you are making to the environment make it well worth considering!

Each pad is designed and made with the body in mind. We work hard to ensure that we provide a product that will fit your shape well, in order to ensure you feel comfortable and confident. Our cloth pads are constructed for reliability; making sure, you're sure, every time you wear it. We want you to go into your day convinced that you can face whatever the day may throw at you-- be it work or play, sleeping or entertaining.

We choose excellent, hardwearing fabrics, quality fibers and durable snaps to ensure that you receive a product that will withstand the test of time. Disclaimers: Please note that each pad is lovingly handmade, so no two will ever be the same. It is also possible that stitching may not look exactly the same on each pad.

Rest assured I take great pride in what I do and will work incredibly hard to ensure you get a product that you will be excited to receive and thrilled to wear. Descriptions on suitability of our products are only a suggestion. Please keep in mind that each person’s requirements are different and the best point of reference is your personal experience with disposables and the understanding of your own unique needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here