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Cloth Wipe


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One single cloth wipe.

20cm x 20cm (approx)

Made of 100% Cotton Flannelette with a white backing, and an overlocked edge. This is an excellent fabric as it is gentle on your baby’s skin and great on kitchen surfaces. It also becomes softer with each wash.

  • Environmentally friendly - The fact that they are reusable means that you are not adding more rubbish to any landfills.

  • Cost effective- You save so much money because you don’t have to keep buying wipes over and over again. You buy them once and then simply throw them in the washing machine with your nappies or towels once they’ve been used.
  • Gentle- You know exactly what is going on your babe’s skin and kitchen surfaces. You can simply add water, or you can get creative and add some essential oils.
  • Versatile- these are amazingly multipurpose. You can use them for diaper changes. You can use them in the bath. You can use them in the kitchen. You can use them after snacks or mealtimes.
  • Effective- Cloth wipes are so strong they are great at cleaning up any mess. The larger size also ensures that you get great coverage!